NZ discrimination against Singaporeans – Part IV

Who is this UNFAIR person who discriminates against Singaporeans?…refund-tenants

Another Singaporean discriminated by NZ government’s ChauPerson

Read this quickly before it is taken down to hide their discrimination against Singaporeans. In NZ your savings become an “allowance” according to the dishonesty of interpretation of the English language. The CPF savings of thousands of New Zealanders who worked in Singapore and had collected their CPF (including John Key, NZ Prime Minister) are not defined as pensions but the CPF savings of Singaporeans are defined as pensions by the NZ Oxford Dictionary.

It is not unusual that she had been convicted of UNFAIRNESS and had to refund money to her tenant –


The evil face of NZ discriminating against Singaporeans – Part III

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Here it is for all to see – The EVIL face of NZ discriminating against Singaporeans


NZ DISCRIMINATION against Singapore Nationals

DISCRIMINATION. John Key confirmed his tax-free CPF savings that he had collected from the Singapore CPF Board is the “same thing” as Kiwisaver, but he allows his Chief Executive to confiscate the CPF savings of Singapore Citizens. NZ discriminates against Singapore Nationals, a crime under the NZ 1993 Human Rights Act. Yet his Minister David Seymour said refugees who come to NZ should sign a pact as NZ treats everybody as equals – is this a joke? The NZ Ministry of Social development (MSD) has already been taking the state-funded pensions of Singaporeans for decades, and since 2015, MSD also confiscates Singaporeans’ CPF savings by ruling the CPF is a pension but NOT other nationalities’ CPF savings (like the Prime Minister’s CPF savings).
Note: Kiwisaver is not ruled as a pension by the SSAA Ministry of JUST-ICE but the CPF is called a pension, benefit and allowance and is therefore confiscated from Singaporeans, ALTHOUGH “it is the same thing” – both funded by employer and employee contributions; NOT State-funded.

Watch how he tried to cover up for his Chief Executive by calling CPF “Superannuation” and then his mouth slipped when he said, “I now have Kiwisaver and it is the same thing”.

Note: The NZ govt does not deduct Kiwisaver from pensions because they do not want to lose votes. If Kiwisaver and CPF is the same thing, why is CPF deducted from Singaporeans? Answer: Because they saw how easily Singaporeans are discriminated by their own govt, so they do the same – monKEY see, monKEY do.