Discrimination is legal in NZ, equality is dead.

Read all about how the Court of Appeal prevents Singaporeans from appealing the unfair decision of a High Court judge, that the CPF savings of Singaporeans belong to the NZ Ministry of Social Development (i.e. taxed 100%) while the CPF savings of their ex-Premier, SIR John Key and thousands of Kiwis who worked in Singapore and collected their CPF money are tax-free and belong only to them. If this is not DISCRIMINATION, what do you call it? Singaporeans are lesser beings than their own people?

Criminals have the right of appeal to the Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court, but Singaporeans have to ask permission to appeal the unfair decision of a High Court judge by applying for Leave to Appeal to the Court of Appeal, and denied the right to appeal.

Donald Trump’s ALTERNATIVE FACT has arrived in New Zealand

CONFIRMED – High Court judge of New Zealand ruled CPF of Singaporeans belong to the NZ government while John Key’s CPF is his own savings.

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Upbringing – Part III – Donald Trump’s ALTERNATIVE FACT has arrived in New Zealand

Under John Key, homelessness increased tremendously – he grew up in a State House; and he started selling off State Houses; isn’t this great upbringing?

Under his watch, NZ’s debt increased six times.

Crime became rampant – lawlessness prevailed; burglary, robbery, assault, rapes, etc. Criminals were younger – a killer as young as 12 years old who is now out free after a couple of years in a youth detention facility.

He made his fortune in Merrill-Lynch Singapore, yet discriminated against Singaporeans in New Zealand by declaring with his Chief Executive, CPF Savings for Singaporeans are pensions in New Zealand, but his own Singapore CPF belongs solely to him and is TAX-FREE.  Donald Trump’s ALTERNATIVE FACT has arrived in New Zealand – the CPF is a Savings Fund for all nationalities and is TAX-FREE but a Singaporean’s CPF savings is TAXED 100% by the New Zealand government because it is ruled a pension ONLY for Singaporeans.

Under his watch, houses in New Zealand became unaffordable for first-home buyers, more than doubling in price the last three years – an average house (cold, damp and moldy) in Auckland is a million dollars.

His motto in life, “If it is not MY problem, it is not a problem.”

Advice from the Singapore Club – “No problem, just give up your Singapore Citizenship and you can have all your CPF returned and New Zealand will not DISCRIMINATE against you.”  –  Advice that is UNIQUELY SINGAPORE – because the President of the Singapore Club is an ex-Singaporean and a New Zealand citizen.

Does the British Club, Dutch Club, German Club, American Club, Korean Club – all in Singapore – advise their citizens to give up their citizenship?



Upbringing – Part II

What kind of UPBRINGING …… PART II

Leadership II

Please read the above Letter to the Editor.

The ex-PM had collected his Singapore CPF Savings TAX-FREE from the Singapore CPF Board.

He is the leader of the country and had preached to the UN General Assembly, that “we got to do the right thing” during the Syrian refugee crisis in Europe.

Easy to talk but why does he not do the right thing and take charge to correct the DISCRIMINATION against Singapore Citizens who are permanent residents of NZ?

Instead, he supports the DISCRIMINATION against ONE NATIONALITY perpetrated by his Chief Executive  of the  NZ Ministry of Social Development  –  to support is to condone.

Therefore, he is just as guilty of unlawful DISCRIMINATION under the NZ Human Rights Act 1993 as his Chief Executive.

People in high authority should have even higher standards of MORAL Leadership. Instead, he has led the country stray from the path of righteousness and JUSTICE.


John Key has delivered his final speech to Parliament – “It has been a privilege, an honour and a blast. Goodbye and good luck”

He certainly had the privilege of collecting his TAX-FREE Singapore CPF Savings! And it certainly has been a blast!


Key said he was by nature a pragmatist and not an ideologue. Some people had said that showed a lack of clear principles, Key said, but that wasn’t true. He got his from his upbringing and not a “politics 101 textbook”.

Dear Mr Key, how is it not true? You collected your CPF savings but you allow your lying, cheating, self-serving Chief Executive of MSD to confiscate the CPF savings of Singaporean Permanent Residents of New Zealand by calling the CPF a pension only for Singaporeans and not for other nationalities? Does this not show a total lack of clear principles?

What kind of upbringing did you have when you do not practice the basic concept of RIGHT and WRONG – your CPF is your own while the CPF savings of Singaporeans belong to the New Zealand government?


Reference:  https://www.sammyboy.com/showthread.php?208837-CPF-is-NOT-a-Pension-Fund&p=2585652


New Zealand discriminates against Singaporeans.


Dear honest, decent and upright folks,

Let me dissect this UNFAIR and DISHONEST Grounds of Decision –

A. [ The way in which the funds can be accessed or paid out is also controlled by the Singapore Government.]
It is true that Singaporeans’ CPF savings are controlled by the Singapore Government – a government that discriminates against its own citizens and only refunds in full the CPF savings of non-citizens, all nationalities who are not Singapore citizens. Singapore citizens are refunded MONTHLY after the age of 65 until their CPF savings are depleted – and then there is none; yet this woman ruled that the CPF savings are benefits, pensions and periodic allowances!

B. [A true private savings scheme would not have these restrictions.]
A true private savings scheme would not be hijacked and the rules changed at will by a truly democratic government – so the New Zealand government is agreeing with the Singapore autocratic government? What the does it make the New Zealand government – in cahoots with the PAP to hijack the personal savings of Singaporeans?

C. [[24] It is clear that the use of the words “benefit, pension or periodical allowance” in s 70 is intended to capture a wide variety of periodic payments ]
This dumb woman does not understand that REFUNDs are NOT PERIODIC PAYMENTS!

D. [[25] The payment at issue in this appeal is a payment the appellant is entitled to receive monthly, but she says she has elected to receive it quarterly. It is a periodical payment.]
This dumb woman again does not understand the true and honest meaning of PAYMENT.

E.[ The New Zealand Oxford Dictionary defines “allowance” as:
1. an amount or sum allowed to a person, esp. regularly for a stated purpose.]
She now has the audacity to quote from the NZ Oxford Dictionary to suit her UNFAIR Grounds of Decision judgment – is your own savings an ALLOWANCE? What is the TRUTH? This is New Zealand JUSTICE?

F. [[26] The amount received by the appellant is paid periodically and is payable on the appellant attaining a particular age. It is intended by the Singapore Government primarily to replace income on retirement or old age.]
Your personal savings from your employee and employer contributions replaces income? What kind of logic is this? She also knows the intention of the Singapore Government? What do you think is the real intention of the Singapore Government?

G. [We are in no doubt the payment the appellant receives constitutes a periodical allowance.]
This is confirmation of a dishonest and unfair statement as it is self-confirmation of an UNTRUTHFUL situation.

H. [[27] The New Zealand Oxford dictionary defines “pension” as:
a regular payment made by a government to people above a specified age, to widows or to the disabled.]
Indeed, a “pension” is a regular payment from the government treasury made by a government; not a regular REFUND of your own savings controlled by a vitiated government – what a lying, deceitful statement and a disgrace to the New Zealand Ministry of Justice for allowing this to be published internationally! Is this not DISCRIMINATION by NATIONALITY, which is unlawful under the 1993 New Zealand Human Rights Act?

I. [The payments made to the appellant also readily fall within the commonly understood meaning of “pension”.]
The REFUNDS are NOT PAYMENTS – readily fall within the commonly understood meaning of “pension” – is English in New Zealand different from English Language internationally? “Commonly understood” – oh, really?
Another confirmatory bias from this barrister, role-playing as a Judge under the New Zealand Ministry of Justice.


The continued DISCRIMINATION of Singaporeans by these slanted definitions (according to the New Zealand Oxford Dictionary which is also an insult to the publishers of The Oxford Dictionary) and the UNTRUTHFUL Grounds of Decision is a dire affront to the word JUSTICE, which stands for honesty, truth and fairness above all self-interests and self-serving Chief Executives whose bonuses are linked to how much they can rob the entitlements of the old and vulnerable.

On a FINAL NOTE, only Singaporeans are discriminated by this woman (already convicted of unfairness against her poor tenant) whose ruling that CPF savings are “pensions, benefits and allowances” when her own Prime Minister John Key already had his Singapore CPF TAX-FREE savings safely in his personal bank account, as well as all nationalities who had worked in Singapore.

Is New Zealand a FAIR, JUST and HONEST society, 100% PURE?

You be the JUDGE !

Reference: http://www.sammyboy.com/showthread.php?208837-CPF-is-NOT-a-Pension-Fund/page4