Discrimination is legal in NZ, equality is dead.

Read all about how the Court of Appeal prevents Singaporeans from appealing the unfair decision of a High Court judge, that the CPF savings of Singaporeans belong to the NZ Ministry of Social Development (i.e. taxed 100%) while the CPF savings of their ex-Premier, SIR John Key and thousands of Kiwis who worked in Singapore and collected their CPF money are tax-free and belong only to them. If this is not DISCRIMINATION, what do you call it? Singaporeans are lesser beings than their own people?

Criminals have the right of appeal to the Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court, but Singaporeans have to ask permission to appeal the unfair decision of a High Court judge by applying for Leave to Appeal to the Court of Appeal, and denied the right to appeal.

The evil face of NZ Discrimination – Part II

The NZ Prime Minister, the honourable John Key, answered reporters’ queries when his name was mentioned (as he was the only world leader to be mentioned by The Center for Public Integrity) in the release of the Panama Papers Report, that he had a CPF savings account (which he called SUPERANNUATION?) when he worked overseas (in Singapore)  – listen to the video and hear him ‘slip up’ by telling the TRUTH – “I do not have it any more since I came back to New Zealand.  I now have Kiwisaver – IT IS THE SAME THING”.

Yet, he allows his Chief Executive to steal the CPF Savings of Singaporeans.

A Singaporean’s CPF funds released monthly by the Singapore CPF Board is TAXED 100% by the Chief Executive of the Ministry of Social Development – FAIR FOR ALL or INDIRECT DISCRIMINATION and VICTIMISATION of ONE Nationality ?

Political roundup: Remember Dirty Politics?

4:16 PM Friday Apr 15, 2016


In terms of politician links to Mossack Fonseca and other foreign trust accounts, the Prime Minister has taken the threat to his reputation very seriously, even admitting to spending “eight hours on Sunday tracking down details about his Singaporean superannuation fund to be certain that all of his investments were above board”

So John Key’s CPF savings are TAX-FREE while a Singaporean’s CPF savings are TAXED 100% by the Chief Executive of the Ministry of Social Development?  Is this not DISCRIMINATION by Nationality by the NZ government against Singaporeans?

GettyImages-521099616_620x310“On Monday he told RNZ he had lived overseas and had superannuation funds when he lived in Singapore.


So he collected his CPF funds TAX-FREE from the Singapore CPF Board?  “admitting to spending “eight hours on Sunday tracking down details about his Singaporean superannuation fund

In the April 2016 Newsletter for Seniors from the MSD, under their section “Fair for all”, the phrase state-funded was stated five times – the CPF is not state-funded in any way, unlike the Kiwisaver which is partially state-funded ($1,000 + $20,000 + annual tax rebates).   Yet, the CPF Savings are ruled deductible while Kiwisaver Savings are not?

The following paragraph quoted John Key when he was in the opposition in 2008 –


A government is judged by its treatment of the vulnerable and the duplicity of the National Party shows it cares little for anyone affected.
In 2008 Prime Minister John Key in opposition and publicly campaigning for election in Nelson, when questioned by a member of the public regarding the injustice of Section 70 replied “if you have paid for them you should keep them”.
This vote catching statement of common sense and reality was ignored when National won the election.

Well, he certainly paid for his CPF and he certainly kept his CPF Savings.

Is he concerned that Singaporeans’ CPF savings are kept by his Ministry of Social Development?

What do you think?

The evil face of New Zealand DISCRIMINATION

Brendan Boyle from MSD

The evil face of New Zealand DISCRIMINATION
This man pays out full pensions to Malaysians, Filipinos, Vietnamese, Cambodians, Indians and all nationalities including the New Zealand Prime Minister, who had worked in Singapore and collected their CPF Savings from the Singapore CPF Board TAX-FREE.
However, he taxes 100% the CPF Savings of Singaporeans as he ruled the monthly refund of Singaporeans’ CPF Savings by the CPF Board as PENSIONS.
How is it other nationalities’ CPF money are ruled as Savings while Singaporeans’ CPF money are ruled as Pensions by this imbecile in government?
He ruled that the monthly refund of a Singaporean’s CPF savings CAN BE SEEN as a PERIODIC ALLOWANCE even though the Singapore CPF Board wrote to him that the CPF is a defined SAVINGS SCHEME, fully funded by employee and employer contributions and is not a benefit or a pension or an allowance.
And who is this man? He is the Chief Executive of the Ministry of Social Development, Brendon Boyle – imbecile extraordinaire, HIMSELF committing an unlawful act under New Zealand’s Human Rights Act 1993 – DISCRIMINATION whether DIRECTLY or INDIRECTLY as well as VICTIMISATION.