Discrimination made legal

New Zealand discriminates against Singaporeans – “The Conscience of a ‘Fair Go’ nation” – DISCRIMINATION made LEGAL

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New Zealand discriminates against Singaporean Permanent Residents of New Zealand – the New Zealand government pays full Superannuation to their citizens and all other nationalities who had collected their CPF savings from the Singapore CPF Board, including Sir John Key who had collected his tax-free CPF savings when he left Singapore. He should know better that CPF savings are not pensions, benefits and periodic allowances similar to New Zealand Superannuation. Yet, he allowed his Chief Executive of the NZ Ministry of Social Development to rule that CPF savings of Singaporeans “can be seen as a pension as it is administered by the Singapore government”.


The NZ government also pays full Superannuation to ex-Singaporeans, like the President of the Singapore Club in New Zealand as he had discarded his Singapore citizenship.  Therefore there is indirect coercion here as the message from the NZ government is, “throw away your Singapore citizenship and we will pay you the full Superannuation – keep your Singapore citizenship at your own peril”.

The fact that Singapore discriminates against its own citizens is supported by New Zealand which perpetuates this crime, although the 1993 New Zealand Human Rights Act clearly stated, discrimination by nationality, whether directly or indirectly is unlawful. A self-serving Chief Executive unfairly ruled against a group of already discriminated nationality, and the NZ Ministry of Justice participated in the complicity of his unprincipled action, disregarding that everyone is equal before the law (Bill of Rights and Human Rights Act, Privacy Act) as well as the Magna Carta which states theft of private property (CPF savings funded only by employer and employee contributions – like Kiwisaver) is unlawful.

Read about how Donald Trump’s ALTERNATIVE FACT has arrived in New Zealand where the High Court ruled the CPF savings of only one nationality (Singaporean) is a pension as well as become periodic allowances and that the CPF savings of Singaporeans are “granted” by the Singapore government.

Is their oft-repeated slogan “NZ is 100% PURE” valid?

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