John Key has delivered his final speech to Parliament – “It has been a privilege, an honour and a blast. Goodbye and good luck”

He certainly had the privilege of collecting his TAX-FREE Singapore CPF Savings! And it certainly has been a blast!…

Key said he was by nature a pragmatist and not an ideologue. Some people had said that showed a lack of clear principles, Key said, but that wasn’t true. He got his from his upbringing and not a “politics 101 textbook”.

Dear Mr Key, how is it not true? You collected your CPF savings but you allow your lying, cheating, self-serving Chief Executive of MSD to confiscate the CPF savings of Singaporean Permanent Residents of New Zealand by calling the CPF a pension only for Singaporeans and not for other nationalities? Does this not show a total lack of clear principles?

What kind of upbringing did you have when you do not practice the basic concept of RIGHT and WRONG – your CPF is your own while the CPF savings of Singaporeans belong to the New Zealand government?…ectid=11823395



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