In late 2014 three quarters of the countries in the United Nations voted for New Zealand’s election to the Security Council. They did so because New Zealand has a long standing and respected record for fairness

Singapore is one of the closest military relationships NZ has,” says Mr Brownlee.

“We talked about how to deepen the relationship and from our point of view, to see if there could be more training opportunities,” says Dr Ng.

The Singaporean soldiers will head home next week, and then it’s another 12 months before they’re back for another Waiouru bombing blitz.

…closest…bugger-all…relationships? – why does the Singapore government pay NZ for the use of the training grounds when the NZ Chief Executive of the Ministry of Social Development discriminates against Singaporeans in New Zealand?

“closest indeed” and the Singapore government is curiously silent about this discrimination of Singapore citizens by the NZ government.

Watch this video –

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