Another Singaporean discriminated by the Chief Executive of the Ministry of Social Development

CONFIRMED – Straight from the horses’s mouth – New Zealand DISCRIMINATES against SINGAPOREANS

Another SIngaporean discriminated by the Chief Executive of the NZ Ministry of Social Development.

Read her biased and unfair Grounds of Decision before it is removed and covered up –…-June-2016.pdf

The unfair and biased Referee of the Tribunal said, “The answer, however, is not to
exempt all payments from the CPF from the s 70 deduction regime.” What does this mean since only Singaporeans are refunded their own CPF savings monthly (while all other nationalities who had worked in Singapore are refunded in full in one lump sum, including NZ’s EX-Prime Minister, John Key)? It means all CPF refunds to Singaporeans are TAXED 100% by the NZ government! It means other nationalities collect their CPF savings TAX-FREE, like John Key.

How fair is this woman barrister –…refund-tenants

By the way, this Chairwoman of the Tribunal has also been retired, like John Key – to save the evil face of NZ Discrimination.


Up to March 2016 :  24 Singaporeans have had their CPF savings TAXED 100% by this evil Chief Executive devoid of core values, but all other nationalities get their CPF savings from the Singapore CPF Board and he does not tax them one cent.  This is fairness and justice in New Zealand – discrimination by nationality is alright if it is committed by the NZ government with the tacit approval of the ex-Prime Minister –

Table 7. Overseas pension deductions by country in NZ$ at end of March 2016 Country / Number of Overseas Pensions / Annualised Value of NZS & Supplements / Annualised Value of Overseas Pensions / Percentage of total Average deduction  –

Singapore      24        $296,825

Why did John Key, New Zealand’s most popular Prime Minister, suddenly step down?

Don’t let the door hit your arse on your way out Johnny

Don’t let the door hit your arse on your way out Johnny

Please read the comments at the end of the article –

Why did he resign?

“I’ve taken the knife to some other people, and now I’ve taken the knife to myself’”

He has disgraced the name of New Zealand by not doing the RIGHT THING –

Read the seven letters to him, pleading that he does the right thing – instead, he allows his Chief Executive to discriminate against one nationality by TAXING 100% their CPF savings because he had already collected his CPF savings from the Singapore government TAX-FREE –

Stepping down is certainly doing the right thing for blemishing the name of New Zealand.

The Chief Executive of Ministry of Social Development should also fall down on his sword because he was the instigator of this discrimination against one nationality and is the cause of John Key’s downfall FOR NOT DOING THE RIGHT THING – after all, watch the news video – John Key’s voice was emotional and broken up – did he resign on his own accord? Who would want to resign if you are at the top of the National dungheap – nothing could shake his popularity – not increased homelessness, not inflated house prices, not poorer health services, not rampant burglaries, rapes, assaults and the closing of police stations throughout the country, NOTHING!…sing-cpf-first