The evil face of New Zealand DISCRIMINATION

Brendan Boyle from MSD

The evil face of New Zealand DISCRIMINATION
This man pays out full pensions to Malaysians, Filipinos, Vietnamese, Cambodians, Indians and all nationalities including the New Zealand Prime Minister, who had worked in Singapore and collected their CPF Savings from the Singapore CPF Board TAX-FREE.
However, he taxes 100% the CPF Savings of Singaporeans as he ruled the monthly refund of Singaporeans’ CPF Savings by the CPF Board as PENSIONS.
How is it other nationalities’ CPF money are ruled as Savings while Singaporeans’ CPF money are ruled as Pensions by this imbecile in government?
He ruled that the monthly refund of a Singaporean’s CPF savings CAN BE SEEN as a PERIODIC ALLOWANCE even though the Singapore CPF Board wrote to him that the CPF is a defined SAVINGS SCHEME, fully funded by employee and employer contributions and is not a benefit or a pension or an allowance.
And who is this man? He is the Chief Executive of the Ministry of Social Development, Brendon Boyle – imbecile extraordinaire, HIMSELF committing an unlawful act under New Zealand’s Human Rights Act 1993 – DISCRIMINATION whether DIRECTLY or INDIRECTLY as well as VICTIMISATION.

One thought on “The evil face of New Zealand DISCRIMINATION

  1. Don’t think this is about “evil” or “discrimination”, most likely misunderstanding. Patience needed to ‘educate’ them, step by step.

    NZ uses Canadian Pension as an example, ie “It doesn’t matter whether the overseas pension is funded by general taxation or by compulsory contributions. For example, the Canada Pension Plan pension is funded by compulsory employer and employee contributions, but it is still subject to direct deduction.” –

    But Canadian Pension; (1) continue paying the same pension regardless of the starting accumulated amount, ie you can receive more in total than you put in totally (2) adjust yearly per Consumer Price Index. (3) any who have worked in Canada and made at least one valid contribution to the CPP is eligible.

    Apply the 3 “tests” to CPF. (1) you can never ever receive more than what you put in (plus interest). (2) payout is never ever index to CPI. (3) if you contributed only once, 1 cent coin is already over-paying you and there will be too many decimal points to even bank transfer it to your account !!

    Therefore “funded” is not the same as “saved”. The formal is more like buying a bank share, where the life time dividend received can be more than the cost of the share, while the latter is putting money into the bank’s fixed deposit account, you can never get more than what you put in plus accumulated interest.


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