New Zealand is MORALLY and FINANCIALLY Bankrupt

NZ is morally and financially bankrupt
When the Chief Executive of the NZ Ministry of Social Development states, “The Singapore CPF monthly REFUNDS are considered to fall within the definition of a periodic allowance as they are paid monthly as part of the Singapore CPF’s administration of the CPF Savings Scheme. The fact that they are defined by the Singapore CPF as “refunds” does not, in the Ministry’s view, mean that they cannot be seen to be a periodic allowance, generally accepted to be sums issued to a person regularly or for a specific purpose.”
When one is out to discriminate against ONE nationality (Singaporean) and cheat by not paying Singaporean’s entitlement (while paying all other nationalities their entitlements), the definition of the English word REFUND becomes an ALLOWANCE; and English is the first language of NZ???
I would say to this dishonest Chief Executive and his Leader, “Please, if you insist on DISCRIMINATING against Singaporeans, please state it clearly and not ‘double-talk’ as the phrase “seen to be” will not hold up in a Court of Law”.
The whole world is watching this case, especially the Human Rights organisations in Malaysia, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Switzerland, New York, etc. as well as the International Press including The Straits Times in Singapore.

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