NZ DISCRIMINATES against Singapore nationals

The PM had collected his Singapore CPF Savings TAX-FREE from the Singapore CPF Board.

He is the leader of the country and preached to the UN General Assembly, that “we got to do the right thing” during the Syrian refugee crisis in Europe.

Easy to talk but he does not WALK THE TALK.  Why does he not do the right thing and take charge to correct the DISCRIMINATION against Singapore Citizens who are permanent residents of NZ?

Instead, he supports the DISCRIMINATION against ONE NATIONALITY perpetrated by his Chief Executive  of the  NZ Ministry of Social Development  –  to support is to condone.

Therefore, he is just as guilty of unlawful DISCRIMINATION under the NZ Human Rights Act 1993 as his Chief Executive.

People in high authority should have even higher standards of MORAL Leadership. Instead, he has led the country stray from the path of righteousness and JUSTICE.

One thought on “NZ DISCRIMINATES against Singapore nationals

  1. Silly argument about if it is a Pension Fund or a Savings Acct.
    The point is…Does the worker PAY into his/her account …SAVINGS
    for a retirement pension? (which President Roosevelt of USA actually called
    it as savings, when he set it up)..No matter what you call it (don’t you love
    that phony title: Super-Annuation?) is .not like New Z’s Dole Bludging
    from our Tax Fund. And WINS is guilty of Theft, as in my case where I, and
    family, as N.Z. permanent residents &citizens have paid N.Z.taxes for 42 years,
    whose only income over that entire time has been U.S.$…brought here for
    foreign exchange….paying cash for section/house/cars/kids education/living
    expenses/etc/etc./ now age 90…and after losing all investments at ’08 financial
    crash….not able to be paid my “Super”. Yes…THEFT.


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