Breaking news – PART II

Default Re: Singapore DISCRIMINATES against its own citizens by not returning their CPF savin

Breaking News – Part 2
Well, surprise, surprise (or is it), the NZ govt lawyers filed a motion to remove the NZ PM as the Other Party on the excuse that the PM does not have the power to resolve the CPF matter although he worked in Merrill Lynch Singapore, collected his CPF and was the only western leader of a supposedly democratic country (NZ) to fly ten and a half hours to attend Singapore’s 50th Anniversary. Even the Indonesian President (45 mins flight time away) did not bother to attend SG50 and only sent one of his junior ministers to attend.
WHAT POWERS DOES HE HAVE? Is his job just to entertain on You Tube –

Is it a COVER-UP? To not embarrass his selfish attitude and character that as he had filled his pockets with his CPF money which the Singapore CPF Board eagerly returns to foreigners but not Singaporeans, so he is not bothered to resolve this DISCRIMINATION?

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