Discrimination against Singaporeans by the Singapore and New Zealand governments

A tale of 4 citizens

August 23rd, 2015 |  Author: Contributions

A Tale of 4 citizens

  1. Ah Kow is a Malaysian from Penang. He came to work in Singapore and became a Permanent Resident. After decades of working in Singapore, he COLLECTED his CPF SAVINGS and returned to Penang to retire comfortably in a bungalow with a Mercedes car.
  2. Li Ning is a student from China sponsored by the Singapore government to study in Singapore. She was given a living allowance and free education from Secondary One to University. After graduation, the Singapore government employed her and asked her to be a citizen. She declined, continued working for 5 years and went back to China for a better-paying job (as people who can speak English are valued in China, thanks to sponsorship from Singapore) after collecting her CPF SAVINGS.
  3. John is a New Zealand (Kiwi) citizen. He was employed as an English teacher and got his permanent residency after just three months. He worked for ten years and COLLECTED his CPF SAVINGS and went home to buy a bungalow and a Volvo car.
  4. Krishnan is a Singapore Citizen and worked as a technician until he was retrenched as the boss employed a cheaper foreign talent. Then he became a taxi driver and found he could not renew his taxi licence unless he paid money into his CPF. When he was 55 years old, he found he could not withdraw his CPF SAVINGS. When he reached 65, he found that the CPF Board only refunded him $500 a month of his own money for his living expenses. Then they told him that he has to pay medical insurance premiums from 1st November this year or be thrown into jail.

Which government can treat its own citizens in these immoral, unethical, unlawful and deviant ways? Who allowed them to do these evil acts?


A nation betrayed

*  Comment appeared in TRE article:  “A Malaysian’s encounter with a Minister Chan“.




A nation betrayed:

August 23, 2015 at 6:00 pm  (Quote)

A tale of another 2 citizens – PART II

  1. Jun Ki is a NZ citizen and came to this island to work as there were not enough jobs there. He was able to get a job within two weeks and worked as a forex trader for a few years, made his fortune, collected his CPF SAVINGS and went home with his CPF money which the CPF Board willingly and eagerly returned to him. When Jun Ki reached 65 years old, he became entitled to a pension from the NZ government. His CPF Savings were NOT deducted from his pension by the NZ government as they were considered SAVINGS. After all, he had collected his CPF SAVINGS years ago, before he reached 65 and the NZ government is no wiser.
  2. Tua Kee is a Singapore citizen. He was retrenched after working for the biggest government bank for 20 years as his salary was considered high and foreign talents were cheap, cheap, cheap. Fake Masters degrees from India were OK as the Singapore Minister said foreign experience was more important. He went to work in NZ otherwise he would have to clean toilets or clean tables in the food courts in Singapore. When he reached 65 years, as a Permanent Resident, he was also entitled to the pension from the NZ government BUT the NZ government deducted the CPF $500 monthly refund from his NZ pension!

Now, how did the CPF SAVINGS of Jun Ki, a NZ citizen turn into a CPF PENSION for a Singapore citizen?  Is NZ such a FAIR and JUST country after all the hype and talk of HUMAN RIGHTS? Did the NZ government imitate the PAP who labelled the CPF as a wonderful PENSION FUND designed by the Singapore government to show the western world Singapore is a FIRST WORLD COUNTRY? – in other words, MONKEY SEE, MONKEY MUST DO?
BECAUSE Singaporeans are easy targets – they are the only people in the world that voted the party of famiLEE and cronies to screw them for 50 years, closing both eyes disregarding WHAT IS RIGHT and WHAT IS WRONG – the IMMORAL PARTY.
So if you wish to work in NZ and receive the NZ Pension, which is the entitlement of all Permanent Residents, Singaporeans MUST give up their citizenship, whereas other nationalities NEED NOT e.g. Malaysians, China citizens and Kiwis are not forced to throw away their passports.
Singapore government does not discriminate against NZ citizens, but the NZ government discriminates against Singapore citizens.

The Singapore PAP government discriminates against its own citizens.



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